Brand MIE registered for the territory of Russia and CIS countries.
Modern Ironing Equipment or simply - a modern ironing equipment.
MIE specializes in ironing and cleaning equipment - a garment steamer, ironing systems, ironing presses, steam generators, steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners.
All appliances in establishments Italy - Eurometalnova, Blu Italia, Bieffe, Rotondi, Euroflex, Due Effe, Soteco.
In factories constantly monitor quality. After-sales service performed in their own specialized service centers.
It is worth noting the original design MIE, modern technology and a true European quality products.
Appliances premium - is ironing equipment Mie.
Equipment MIE - a combination of different styles, interesting features and properties, combining contemporary design and technology to create a unique technique.
High quality aesthetic design of products MIE successfully continues the tradition of Italian industrial design.
MIE technique created to save time, professionally and gently caring for your belongings, take care of you.
MIE inspires new ideas and helps to re-look at life from a different angle, to forget about the daily hustle and bustle of everyday.
MIE - best for the best!