Why Euroflex


     Unbeatable European quality of all goods EUROFLEX (major components EUROFLEX equipment are subject to rigorous electronic and visual inspection, which excludes the presence of defects).
     Stylish, original look EUROFLEX technology in the best traditions of Italian industrial design made by a combination of shapes, colors and materials.
     Multifunctional product EUROFLEX, their ability to combine the functions of several household appliances.
     Environmentally friendly technology EUROFLEX. All products EUROFLEX is a home cleaning and tidying up clothes without using chemicals. Its action is based on the physical properties of water vapor that is absolutely safe for your health way of removing contaminants on surfaces and folds in clothing.
     Comfort and ease of use. EUROFLEX designed for everyday use in the home, so the experts EUROFLEX tried to make the management of technology as convenient and exciting.
     Exclusivity. Once the company is the official supplier EUROFLEX technology in the Russian Federation.
      High technology. EUROFLEX technique created by the analysis and synthesis of the most successful achievements of the world's manufacturers of household appliances. When fully fit for purpose, EUROFLEX requires minimal labor costs, time and money.
     Information and technical support. Professional advice for all owners of technology EUROFLEX accredited professionals on a full length the full functionality of equipment.
     Warranty and after sales service of all products EUROFLEX in specialized service centers in Moscow and other Russian cities.
     Product certification EUROFLEX. All products meet the requirements of EUROFLEX Russian Certificate of Conformity.